Actualités : 2016-11-01 > Sfax is world Capital of liquid gold

On the occasion of the 1st International Olive oil Meetings organized by Sfax Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sfax of 9 to 11 November 2016, the city of Sfax becomes a  world capital of "liquid gold". By hosting  international experts, importers, purchasing centers and professionals of olive oil from 14 countries, this city will enjoy the experience of  world capital of olive oil with a sense of pride to be one of the legendary land of olive trees in Tunisia and symbol of its development, its culture and its promotion in the Mediterranean.Sfax will  live for three days, the rhythm of a series of major events: B2B meetings, exhibition , scientific and economic forum, training workshops, tasting sessions, field visits in fields olive groves and processing plants and export ...This program will offer intense moments for Tunisian and foreign professionals from various backgrounds .this event is an opportunity for   win-win partnership ,enjoying  the virtues of Tunisian olive oil, its physical and chemical characteristics and its originality.

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